Brilliant blooms beckon every month

Make sure not to miss out on any of the colourful sights on show in the Arboretum Volčji Potok year round.

In March, spring has finally sprung. A sea of daffodils shoots forth along the gravel paths and elsewhere in the park.

April is the month in which the park gets clad in its floral finery. A stroll through the park greets one with over 2 million blooms of hundreds of tulip and other bulb varieties.

In May, you should visit both English parks. The colourful rhododendrons are evergreen shrubs bursting in an unparalleled display of bright blooms.

June is rose month. This extraordinary flower deserves special attention. The Arboretum’s collection features over 1200 rose varieties. Let yourself be beguiled by these summer belles.

Perennials are a group of ornamental plants that delight the eye from early spring to winter. In July, when the park is decked out in green after the spring flowering fades, it is time for the perennials to take centre stage.

Even in peak summer, the flower beds in the Arboretum remain in full bloom. Delightful dahlias have become fixtures in the seasonal flower designs.